About Us

Our Story

NCTVA started as North Canton Radio out of Paul Kindy’s garage back in 1939 evolving thru the years to the 4th current location with name changes of North Canton Radio & Appliance to North Canton Radio & TV to our current name. NCTVA has evolved thru the years of when tubes were used in electronics & a washer was a ringer washer then onto round picture tube Black & White TVs and the conventional Washer & Dryer as we know them.

Today NCTVA has kept up with the ever fast changing world of technologies whereby the heavy TVs of the past are now replaced by the thin light-weight LCD-LED/Plasma panel TVs & Washers are of the energy savings Front load technology.

From a simple Top-Mount Refrigerator to the more deluxe French Door Bottom-mount freezer to a Dual Fuel Range, NCTVA provides the knowledge of what one is about to buy than to have a customer find out what they bought after they made the purchase.

NCTVA provides the customer with a personal touch of salesmanship, making the experience of trying to learn or keep up with today’s technologies a more pleasant experience.

NCTVA is there after the Sale supporting you, the customer, with Service whether service is defined as Phone call support to needing product repair service.

With the 2nd & 3rd generation of the Kindy family along with our caring staff, we are committed to the greater Stark county area & beyond to provide the utmost quality of Products & Services one still seeks in the real world.